all the little things that are nearly them

Premiere: 2011 Sullivant Hall, MFA Concert, Columbus, OH
Created by: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with the performers
Length: 25 minutes
Lighting Designer: Alexandra Runyon
Performers/collaborators: Lisa Dietz, Fiona Lundie, Maree ReMalia, Abigail Zbikowski
Text: Lisa Dietz, Fiona Lundie, Maree ReMalia, Abigail Zbikowski
Costumes: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with Alex Harlig, Michael J. Morris and Betsy Miller
Music: Black Dice, Brian Eno, Champion, Funkadelic, Latex Empire, ArthurLyman, Bobby Darin’s Dreamlover and Cher’s We all Sleep Alone performed by Abigail Zbikowski

Starting Point

Colleagues, family, and friends were invited to contribute input in the form of movement material, prose, poetry, image, sound and direction to better examine the way in which external information from a broad range of contributors can be interpreted or negotiated by the performers in the creative process and performance. Initially, the dance was to be a solo that was choreographed and performed by ReMalia herself. After spending many uninspired hours alone in the studio, she invited Dietz to join her. The duet with Lundie and Zbikowski eventually crept its way in…


Marissa Nesbitís Reflections and Representations of a Rhizomatic Process
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rehearsal footage

Lisa Dietz
Lisa Dietz and Maree ReMalia


Supported in part by The Ohio State University's Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and OSU's Department of Dance Quarterly Funding Initiative.

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