CMD No. 1

Premiere:June 20, 2015, Dance Place New Releases Choreographers Showcase
Created by: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with the performers
Length: 13 minutes
Sound Design: David Bernabo
Lighting Design in New Releases Choreographers Showcase: David Dawson, Ben Levine
Costume Design: Maree ReMalia with the performers
Stage Management: Kirsten Jerue
Photography New Releases Choreographers Showcase: Jonathan Hsu
Videography New Releases Choreographers Showcase: Paul Jackson
Performers: Hyun David, Candace Scarborough, Morgan Wallace

May 1, 2015: University of Maryland First Friday Works-in-Process Series
Lighting Design First Friday in-process showing: Sara Pearson

Starting Point

This work was created in collaboration with Hyun David, Candace Scarborough, and Morgan Wallace for the Dance Place New Releases Choreographer Showcase. It is the first project the four of us embarked on together. I felt compelled by them as individuals and movers and their collective chemistry I experienced as their teacher in Gaga classes. CMD No. 1 began with our sharing of what currently interests us in performance works. Our material was generated through conversation, textural explorations, ways of seeing, verbal prompts, and impulse response..


An unfolding journey filled with off-kilter virtuosity, animalistic tendencies, and meditative moments. Meet the performers in a realm existing in between.


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