gagadim (video documentation in process)

Concept, Videography, Video Editing: Maree ReMalia
Video documentation: Maree ReMalia
Photo credit: Maree ReMalia
Performers: Participants from the first official Gaga Teacher Training program  

This creative video documentation showcases the diverse group of dancers from the first official Gaga Teacher Training program held in Tel Aviv Israel in 2011-2012 and aims to share the significance of their experience with Gaga. Movement scenes were shot in Israel and created in collaboration with the performers. This is a work-in-progress and will include additional footage and have formatiting changes in the final project.

Thank you to GTT participants and contributors to the Kickstarter project "Going Gaga: Connecting to a Passion to Move," PearlArts Studios Artists-in-Residence Series, and David Bernabo, Mike Cooper, Teoma Naccarato, and Dan Shellenbarger for technical support.


video in progress

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