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Premiere: 2011 Sullivant Hall, Spring Concert, Columbus, OH
Created by: Maree ReMalia and the performers
Lighting: Danté Brown
Costumes: Provided by OSU Department of Dance Costume Shop and the performers
Music: Ruth Brown, Benoît Charest, Roisin Murphy Text: Alexandra Anthony, Kelly Hurlburt, Brian Koenig, Zuzanna Mrozek
Performers: Alexandra Anthony, Futsuki Asonuma, Jennifer Clancy, Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban, Kelly Hurlburt, Brian Koenig, Lauren McCafferty, Mariah Melton, Natalie Mohammad, Zuzanna Mrozek, Sarah Kidd, Erin Thomas, Charlotte Williams

Starting point

insert title is the result of a collaboration between Maree ReMalia and the students/performers from the 2011 Spring Quarter Improvisation course at OSU. The course was designed as a continuation for students who had taken ReMalia’s introductory Improvisation course and was extended to students majoring in other disciplines. Together, they developed improvisational scores as structures for the piece. The students and instructor contributed ideas for movement, costumes, music, sound and content of the piece.



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