now is now

Premiere: December 17, 2014 Gibney Dance DoublePlus Festival
Curator and Mentor: Bebe Miller
Created by: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with the artists and performers
Performers: Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson
Length: 30 minutes
Sound Design: slowdanger
Dramaturge: Michael J. Morris
Costume Styling: Michael J. Morris and Maree ReMalia
Lighting Design: Mandy Ringger
Photography: Alex Escalante and Lishay Shechter
Photo credit for in-process showing: Mario Ashkar Film
Videography: Quentin Burley
Videography and Editing Trailer: David Bernabo

Starting Point

Created in the wake of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, Ferguson protests, Ebola in the media, conflict in the Ukraine, rise of ISIS, and a slew of creative inspiration, dance and otherwise, the early stages of development for this duet involved remote writing responses related to these topics and our current states of being. Our written responses became fodder for movement exploration and conversations about the intersection of the events in the world in which we live and our daily lives.


now is now explores the potential of a single moment to comprise countless layers of ambivalent emotions, contradictory thoughts, and conflicting circumstances. Together we examine how our experiences of our world, our lives, and our bodies emerge endlessly from states of irresolvable dissonance. When personal and global conflict become ways of life, how must we inhabit innumerable states of being simply in order to be? For more information and materials that informed the process:



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