penetrating and permeating

Premiere: 2010 Sullivant Hall, Pile Up, Columbus, OH
Choreography: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with the performers
Length: 15 minutes
Music: Arman Van Helden Feat/Duane Harden, Bobby McFerrin, Buena Vista Social Club, Funkadelic, Justin Timberlake, Hsueh Ping-Gueh and Wang Boa-Chuan, Kelis, Lady Gaga, Rich Bologna, The Guess Who, The Notorious B.I.G.
Music Editing: Maree ReMalia
Costumes: provided by the performers
Performers/collaborators: Mike Abbatiello, Erik Abbott-Main, Danté Brown, Eric Falck, Daniel Holt, Joda Lee (Lee Tsung-hsin), Michael J. Morris, Eric Nordstrom, Sai Somboon

Staring Point

This work began as an investigation in male identity related to conventional assumptions, as well as the personal identifications and definitions of the individual performers.

notations and writings

Rachael Riggs Leyva's digital score:
Penetrating and Permeating - A Digital Interactive Score

Mara Penrose's notations:
Joda Laban Phrase
Score Notes
Oval Focus Walk



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