Premiere: September 27, 2014, Pittsburgh Biennial at Carnegie Mellon Miller Gallery
Created by: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with David Bernabo
Performers: David Bernabo and Maree ReMalia
Length: 15 minutes
Music: David Bernabo/Host Skull and slowdanger
Videography: David Bernabo

Starting Point

Created in the weeks following Maree’s time in Israel during Operation Protective Edge, the early stages of development for this duet involved discussions about the uncanny or contradictory experiences we encounter in our daily lives and our proximity to physical and psychological threat and our roles within these circumstances. We questioned the seeming ongoingness of routine amidst chaos and destruction and the invisible and overt shifts that result, noting the ways in which we continue in our daily lives while living with the unsettling news and situations around us.


Measured time and instinctual response in movement and sound. The performers forge pathways and fall in and out of patterned sequences that are usurped by abrupt and unsettling utterances.

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