slants revisited for 1

Premiere: April 5, 2013, Granite Performing Arts Center, Prescott, AZ
Created by: Maree ReMalia
Original creation by: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with Hyunjung Lee
Performer: Maree ReMalia
Photo credit: Maree ReMalia
Length: 12 minutes
Text: David Bernabo

Starting Point

Slants began as an examination and expression of Hyun’s and my Korean/Korean-American cultural backgrounds and a continuation of our physical research through the Gaga movement language. In 2011-2012, we completed the first official Gaga Teacher Training program in Tel Aviv, Israel. During the program, we discussed the creation of a duet that could also be performed as independent solos. We wanted the piece to reflect our individual dance histories in traditional Korean dance, classical ballet, contemporary dance and our common experience of Gaga. Initial themes ranged from Korean han to our comedic banter to our experience of being identified as Asian and our own associations with this definition, to our love for Korean cuisine and bacon.


slants revisited for 1 is the second creation in a series residing under the umbrella title, slants. In 2012-2013, Maree collaborated with Korean movement artist, Hyunjung Lee through the PearlArts Studios Artists-in-Residence Series in the creation of the duet, slants. Throughout 2013, the collaborators will continue to create performance works independently in the U.S. and South Korea using their collaborative duet as source material to explore the endless iterations through which movement, phrase material, and themes can evolve with varying cast members and circumstances. The quarterly slants series is a means to maintain an international collaboration and further investigate and develop existing work.


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