tenacious ten

2011 Video Art, MFA Graduation Farewell, Filmed Columbus, OH
Direction/Videography/Video Editing: Maree ReMalia
Length: 10 minutes
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Text: Ale Jara, Mara Penrose, Sai Somboon
Costumes: provided by the performers
Performers/Collaborators: Lisa Ferrugia-Atkinson, Courtney Harris, Ale Jara, Kristen Jeppsen-Groves, Betsy Miller, Michael J. Morris, Teoma Naccarato, Mara Penrose, Maree ReMalia, Sai Somboon

Starting Point

The desire to utilize Debbie Stockton’s donation of holiday ornaments for a creative cause and a need to honor and showcase nine extraordinary individuals united by their entrance into The Ohio State University’s MFA dance program in 2008 functioned as the catalyst for this technological expression.


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