where we meet

Created by: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with students from Colorado Conservatory of Dance Advanced Summer Intensive
Rehearsal director: Julia Wilkinson Manley
Rehearsal assistants: Momo and Keri
Performers: Colorado Conservatory of Dance Advanced Summer Intensive Students Levels 5-8
Music: Alva Noto and Amon Tobin
Length: 8 min.

Starting point

Having five days to meet and get to know one another, the CCD Advanced Summer Intensive students and I generated movement through improvisational explorations. I wanted to utilize the skills sets they had been developing already and invite them to make new discoveries, while broadening their scope of movement in performance.


This abstract work reflects the relationships built during our brief encounter and the ways in which our individual identities shaped the choreography that incorporated familiar and possibly not so familiar forms for dance.

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