within a formal circumstance

Premiere: 2010 Sullivant Hall, Winter Concert, Columbus, OH
Choreography: Maree ReMalia in collaboration with the performers
Length: 10 minutes
Lighting Designer: Jessica Boone
Text: Mel Nichols and the performers
Costumes: provided by OSU Department of Dance Costume Shop
Costume Alterations: Betsy Miller, Michael J. Morris, Maree ReMalia
Performers/Collaborators: Amanda Byars, Alexis Del-Sol, Fiona Lundie, Eric Nordstrom, Rachael Riggs Leyva, Rashana Smith, Arianna Williams, Abigail Zbikowski

Starting Point

Issues regarding the way in which formal circumstances, public speaking and audience response effect social behaviors, in addition to what lies beyond what is immediately visible led to the creation of this piece.


Veronica Dittman-Stanich’s writing response
David Smith’s review and post performance thoughts



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